Health & Medical: Recipe for Diabetic Cookies

Recipe for Diabetic Cookies

Diabetics can still enjoy desserts, but some recipe modifications might be necessary to convert a traditional cookie recipe to one which is safe for those with diabetes. Most notably, these recipes are low in sugar or have no sugar added. Granulated sugar substitutes help to replace sugar cup-for-cu

Health & Medical: Food to Suit All Tastes

Food to Suit All Tastes

Premium article on restaurants London with a look at how the restaurant scene has changed over the past fifty or sixty years to the point where nearly every participating country in the recent London

Health & Medical: What Kind of Quartz Rock Should I Buy From a Quarry for a Pizza Stone?

What Kind of Quartz Rock Should I Buy From a Quarry for a Pizza Stone?

If you love the taste of pizza fresh from a stone oven, you can transform your own oven at home into a pizza or bread-baking oven at a low cost. Pass up the expensive, commercial baking stones, since a trip to your local quarry or home improvement store will deliver the same results for a lot less d

Health & Medical: 65th Emmys Governors Ball Table

65th Emmys Governors Ball Table

A shot of one of the ballroom tables where guests will dine. In front, is a plated dessert of creamy, sour, pudding chocolate cake sprayed with chocolate velvet and topped with devils food cake, roasted cherries, cherry tapioca and mascarpone cream.

Health & Medical: Thai Vegetable Stir-Fry

Thai Vegetable Stir-Fry

Making a good vegetable stir fry is a kind of work of art. The stir-fry sauce that you use must be flavorful enough to enhance the vegetables (without overpowering them), and the kinds of vegetables you use makes a difference in the way it tastes. The best veggies are the ones that will absorb the s

Health & Medical: Make Your Own Nocino

Make Your Own Nocino

Step-by-step instructions for making nocino, a traditional Italian liqueur made with green walnuts.

Health & Medical: Paneer Dopiaza

Paneer Dopiaza

The name Dopiaza literally means onions twice! This recipe calls for onions, to be used in large quantities and in two batches. It is really easy to cook but tastes like you spent hours, lovingly preparing it! What more can you ask for? Serve Paneer Dopiaza with hot Chapatis.

Health & Medical: Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Vegan Mother's Day Recipes. If you're looking for vegan recipes to celebrate this Mother's Day, this collection contains over 60 vegan Mother's Day recipes, from vegan brunch recipes to special vegan desserts, to make your vegan mother's special day flavorful.

Health & Medical: Starbucks Calories

Starbucks Calories

Starbucks drinks range from innocent (5 calories a serving) to incredibly decadent (500 calories a serving). Find out whether your favorite Starbucks coffees, Frappuccinos, smoothies and other drinks tip the scales with this listing of Starbucks calorie counts.

Health & Medical: a la plancha

a la plancha

grilled on a metal plate. Spanish Food.

Health & Medical: Peanut Butter Banana Bread Sandwich

Peanut Butter Banana Bread Sandwich

The peanut butter sandwich get jazzed up by switching regular bread for banana bread in this tasty recipe. Kids will go nuts over this peanut butter banana bread sandwich.

Health & Medical: Top 10 Recipes from 2013

Top 10 Recipes from 2013

It's always fascinating looking back at the most popular recipes on my site over the year because certain themes become apparent. These recipes all have one thing in common—they are American classics. And once you try them, you'll understand why. Enjoy!

Health & Medical: Apple Dessert Recipes

Apple Dessert Recipes

These apple dessert recipes are a sweet way to enjoy many types of apples during apple season. From apple pie recipes to apple crisp recipes to more apple dessert recipes, there are sweet apple desserts here for everyone.

Health & Medical: Beach Italian Restaurants For The Best Seafood

Beach Italian Restaurants For The Best Seafood

A country surrounded by the sea with many a lot of beaches is why Italian restaurants can provide the best seafood. Especially when combined with a love for life and a desire to live to the fullest."/

Health & Medical: Spanish Serrano Ham

Spanish Serrano Ham

Cured for years in the Spanish, mountain air, Serrano Ham could hardly be called fast food.