Health & Medical: Caring for Your Hair

Caring for Your Hair

In much the same manner as nobody wants to be portraying out-of-date or tattered clothing, nobody wants to be showing off a hairstyle from a decade ago or an untidy hairdo either. Your appearance is most certainly the first attribute that is noticed by an individual you meet and having a bizarre, un

Health & Medical: Hair Care Guide - Growing Out Your Mane

Hair Care Guide - Growing Out Your Mane

Long, flowing, healthy hair can be a woman's crowning glory. The only problem is that, unless your hair is already long, you'll have to grow it out. Growing long hair can be a major challenge. Many women begin the process with the best of intentions, only to decide later that it's way

Health & Medical: About Silk Ties

About Silk Ties

Silk ties have been part of menswear and men's formal wear for hundreds of years. In today's world, they are an essential part of what classifies a man as a good dresser, as possessing of good taste, and as social status. Because there are so few ways to accessorize a suit, ties are crucial to dress

Health & Medical: Unique Updos

Unique Updos

Artist Olivia Smalley shows off some of her amazing hair, makeup, and photography work in this photo gallery featuring her work. Bravo, Olivia!

Health & Medical: How to Measure for a Large Size Bra

How to Measure for a Large Size Bra

A properly fitting bra can make a world of difference in how your clothes fit, and how you look and fell in them. When you wear a larger size bra, however, it's not always easy to find a bra that fits well, as the variance in sizing by brand is larger, too. Knowing your measurements and knowing the

Health & Medical: Glow Beauty Tips

Glow Beauty Tips

Glowing skin is beautiful.teenage fashion model image by Lisa McKown from Fotolia.comSkin is often one of the first features we notice about each other.Clear, healthy skin is dewy, youthful and radiant. We tend to call this a "glow" and while it may seem that some people are just lucky to...

Health & Medical: How do I Identify a Roberto Coin?

How do I Identify a Roberto Coin?

Products made by Roberto Coin, a very prestigious Italian jewelry designer, are very beautiful and very valuable. You can identify these lovely pieces of jewelry if you know several tricks to identifying them. Here's how to know if a piece of jewelry is genuine Roberto Coin.

Health & Medical: Eyebrow Trimmers

Eyebrow Trimmers

Eyebrow trimmers for men and women. The gadgets plus simple options for all budgets in mind.

Health & Medical: How to Use the Marini Lash for Longer Eyelashes

How to Use the Marini Lash for Longer Eyelashes

The Marini Lash from Jan Marini Skin Research is a popular eyelash growing product that promises thicker, longer lashes with regular use. It works by stimulating the growth of your natural lashes. The Marini Lash is a great, natural alternative to false eyelashes, eyelash extensions and makeup such

Health & Medical: Thick Cuff Sandals

Thick Cuff Sandals

On the runway, Tibi models wore sandals with thick cuffs like these.

Health & Medical: Graduation Hairstyles for Girls

Graduation Hairstyles for Girls

Express yourself through your graduation day hairstyle.the graduate image by Barbara Helgason from Fotolia.comGraduation day is an important day in the lives of high school and college students. You'll be on stage in front of a crowd of your peers, family members, teachers and friends....

Health & Medical: 7 Easy Steps On How To Put On Makeup The Right Way

7 Easy Steps On How To Put On Makeup The Right Way

They say that make up is not before any artist begins to create this piece of work you should always take sure that his canvas is clean. This is the same when it comes to applying makeup. You should a

Health & Medical: Video: How to Make Your Face Softer & Close Pores

Video: How to Make Your Face Softer & Close Pores

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Jill Maria, and I'm a makeup artist and stylist at Salon 27. Today, we're going to talk about how to make your skin softer and close your pores. The first thing that we're going to do is take a cold washcloth. This one I've had in the refrigerator but you can...

Health & Medical: How to Massage Thin Hair

How to Massage Thin Hair

Genetics controls how many individual strands of hair you have on your head. You cannot spontaneously grow hair where it does not already exist. However, if you have thin or thinning hair due to a change in diet or recent health problems, you can regrow your lost hair. A simple way to reverse your h